“For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us.” – Richard Baker

Last year, I traveled alone to Bagan, Myanmar, the place where by far I’ve seen the best sunrise and sun set. This travel gave me certain magical feeling, serene and calm and gave peace to the inner me.

I made a promise that time that I will bring my grandma to this place so that she can see perhaps one of the world’s best sunrise and sunset. I wanted her to see this magic before she totally loses her eyesight. I wanted her to see how beautiful the world is, even though she always think of it that way despite all the hardships that she’s been through. She is the most positive and bravest person I have ever met in this world. She never complained on anything and she kept a certain energy that life is beautiful no matter what it throws at you. Until now, I can’t fathom where she gets this positivity and strength. Losing her sight never scared her, never made her feel sad, she’s even the done cheering us up when we are down. Getting outlived by all her children and yet the bravery to continue living to care of me and my brother. How can one person stand all these challenges in life and yet able to put on a smile and make others smile too? How I asked.
The inner bravery she had was so powerful it always makes me cry whenever I remember it.
Sadly, that promise will remain a promise as I will never be able to take her to Bagan and we will never witness the sunrise and sunset together. If only I knew, I would have done everything to take her there. But now I will forever carry the wishful thinking that she’ve seen this majestic place.
There is something undesirable about this place, one has to feel it to understand. I made my way to Bagan from Yangon. I spent few days here and I never regretted spending those days in here.
The scenery is just so serene, you’ll be easily captivated. The historic feel of temples and pagodas, the vast land that your eyes can see is limitless, the sound simplicity of living makes you feel you from a different era.
Whenever I travel, I love spending time immersing with the locals, understanding more of their culture and being one wit the people even just for a day. I love getting lost and finding myself to an unfamiliar place, it gives  me a different perspective in life. I was so excited to share my photos to my grandma, what I did there and wait for her always and as usual response “Gumala ka na naman” meaning, “and off you wandered again”. She knows I love to travel and wander, and even though she always fear for my safety and sake, she learned to accept that I am happy when I travel.
I started my day one by writing a horse and heading towards a spot where one can witness the sunrise and the air balloons flying around  witnessing it.

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