Ubud is definitely one of the highlights of my Bali trip. Here I found the calmness and serenity of the surrounding that I’ve been missing for a while. Coming from Singapore, a busy country surrounded by myriad of modern buildings, Ubud is definitely a breath of fresh air.  I spent 5 days here and discovered amazing things to do in this mystical yet very colorful town of Bali, Indonesia. Not to mention I discovered a lot about myself too…

It was 12nn of March 8, Imanuel (the best Bali driver ever!: read story here)  picked me up in my hotel at Kuta. I remember well that my morning wasn’t that well. I had to deal with my motorbike accident being hassled by the motorbike owner, that I pay for the motorbike’s damage. Of course, I didn’t have intention of running away from him but we agreed to meet at my hotel at 10 in the morning, instead he woke me up at 8am insisting that I pay soon or else he will collect my passport and report me to immigration (imagine this scenario early in the morning nursing my 2 day old bruises, feeling intense pain in my shoulder in my pajamas!… definitely not your idea of a good morning). Anyhow, I managed to finish everything calmly that day keeping in mind that soon I’ll be heading to Ubud and that everything will be over soon…

And alas!, Ubud didn’t disappoint me. The moment we enter  Ubud’s parameter, I witnessed the environment changing and together with it is a sense of relief and happiness. I opened the window of the car, the breeze of the air felt like a healing sensation to my wounds, the site of amazing temples and intrinsic designs covering this town was a feast for my eyes, and in that short time, my memory of the accident was replaced by excitement. 🙂

After an hour of drive, we finally arrived to our destination, Greenfield Hotel and Restaurant. A pre-booked villa that offers amazing rice paddy view.  I felt my face smirking, my facial muscle moving because I couldn’t help but smile. And silently I uttered to myself  “this is such a nice place” 🙂

Free wi0fi in the lobby
Free wi-fi in the lobby

There’s this fountain just in front of the reception, I was so tempted to jump in for my fountain jumping photo collection, but at this point I had to tame myself since I’m still nursing some wounds.

Now up the room… I love the verandah, more than the room actually… 😉

the room's veranda where I work on my blog entries
the room’s verandah where I work on my thoughts for my blog entries
Morning tea and writing of thoughts at the veranda
I love Bali Tea! Seriwangi Tea, try it yourself. 🙂
view from the verandah.. rice paddies... :)
view from the verandah.. rice paddies… 🙂
me at the verandah before going to Yoga
me at the verandah before going to Yoga
Huge bed... :)
Huge bed… 🙂
I wanted to take home this table.. authentic Balinese carvings
I wanted to take home this table.. authentic Balinese carvings… I wonder thou if it could have fit inside my backpack.. hehehe…
bathroom bigger than my bedroom in Singapore... :)
bathroom bigger than my bedroom in Singapore… 🙂

If you get bored inside the room,  you can roam around the compound and take a deep into the pool, I managed to swim for 3 minutes since I was scared that my wounds will be infected… yeah yeah, kinda ruined my swimming plans… 😦

Morning blogging by the pool
The pool over-looking the rice paddy.. happy view… 🙂
The infinity pool, perfect spot to watch the sunset
Balinese designed villa

My Quick Review:

*Nice and friendly service, with good English-speaking staff

*Quick and efficient service

*wi-fi only at the lobby(well it worked for me, a chance to get disconnected from the world for a while)

*located at the center of Ubud, easy-access to small stores and restaurant, as well as yoga studios

*perfect for couple or family trips

*wide selections (for price consideration)

More of this hotel:

Green Field Hotel and Restaurant
Dewa Made Santana
Jl. Pengosekan
Ubud – Gianyar 80571
Bali – Indonesia
Tel. (0361) 975 798
Fax. (0361) 977 200
email : info@greenfieldubud.com