Every time I update my blog, I always find it hard to start my opening line, sooo many thoughts, so many feelings, they’re like fireworks in the sky, you don’t know which certain spark you’ll put your eyes on. But what I learned, is that  I always end up writing what’s in my heart right the very moment that I’m typing. Just like right now, I’m typing this while I’m seated beside the window of this plane, not to mention, I’m the only one in this row!!! Wooohoo! I can lie down and occupy all these 3 seats, but nah, I want to enjoy the view from the window. (special mention Air Asia, thank you for providing budget flights.. hehe)… So where was I? Here, as I work my fingers striking every letter in this keyboard of my old Dell computer,  I find myself on my way to yet another solitary wandering.

I recall all my travel, a lot of memories, but one thing remains true, I enjoyed every moment of it, from the beginning until the end. That includes searching for cheap flights, booking affordable place to stay (yes, yes, I even join in forums to ask around where I can score cheap homestays), up to bargaining with taxi drivers and food stall vendors.  Well, what can I say, I love the challenge, even if it’s all trough out the journey!!!

If I’m a hard drive I would like to have 100 billion mb of memory, for I would like to store every minute, every second of my travel moment. And when I say every, I really mean every: the taxi driver who drove me to the airport, the friends who sent me off (btw, Laine and Joice thanks for the send off last Wednesday… J), the person I saw last before I board the plane, the cabin crew that assisted me to my seat, and even the immigration officer who looked into my passport for 1 straight minute (it gave me the chill, I wonder what took him so long to stamp my passport). And if possible even the shape of the cloud that I’m seeing right now…

On board the plane, I love the feeling of being inside the clouds, it gives me a certain feeling that I’m getting closer to those people I love, who I know are watching me from the sky now, my late mom, my adopted mom (my auntie), and my adopted dad (my uncle). It’s like I’m an inch closer to heaven (well if this plane crashes, I’m definitely one step closer to heaven.. well I hope heaven.. :p) where they are right now, and that somewhere in the clouds, they are talking about me again. I can hear my auntie saying: “wala ka na talagang ginawa kung hindi mag-gala, lakwatsera ka talaga”. I’m not sure how to exactly put it in English, but it’s something like, “there you go again, wandering once more”.

 Traveling gives me a certain special feeling, the feeling of being lost but a step closer to being found. I would lie if I say I hate the feeling, because I love every inch of it. Yes the stubborn me, voluntarily and consciously sets my self to the abyss of undefined world and the solitude of this monumental journey.

Every time I set foot to a place that I’ve never been before, thoughts pop into my head… gazillion thoughts like microbes in the air, but to streamline a few:

I wonder what awaits me in this foreign land?

Will I encounter crazy travelers again like I did on previous travels? I wonder what their stories will be?

How many hours will I spend chit-chatting with the locals?

How many times will I get lost and talk to myself: “Katrina what craziness are you up to again hmmm?”

Will I get food-poison once more?

Will I jump into fountains?

Will I want to work as a receptionist in a hostel or a guesthouse?

Hahahaha… I couldn’t help but to laugh at myself with all these crazy thoughts. But one thing is for sure, I always travel with a happy heart and a hopeful soul. That after this trip I will be a better person, a more-learned woman with a happier feet (yes your feet can smile too..:)

In general, I’m a perky and happy person, I try to find positivity in every situation, either good or bad, I try to think that handling it with optimism rather than pessimism is better (to save me from having heart attack at such a young age, and to avoid to wrinkles and fine lines from showing up.. hehehehe), no wonder when I travel, the travelers I met always get this impression that I’m still a teenager… hahaha… well that’s because traveling brings out the child in me… words are not enough to explain what I feel every time I travel…. so to my attempt to express it, I’m writing this entry.

I’m off for a two-weeks (or maybe not, certainly not less than) travel to Indonesia, there I hope to add more stories to my life-long plan of traveling… If others collect mail stamps in their lifetime, I collect stories and memories wherever I may be….



*photo credit: Mer Gondraneos [photographer/surfer/positivist/gf/friends4life/:)]