I’m blogging because I am sick getting bitten by the bug called “Post Travel Depression”. Is this an illusionary term I coined myself in defense of what is happening to me? I say not, try to ask the ever reliable Mr. Google and  he will answer you straight up. PTD is the feeling of depression as you come home from a long travel, and by travel I mean you step your foot on the ground of a different country by not knowing what lies ahead of you, that no matter where you go everything feels so different and unfamiliar, an addicting feeling actually, you will long for it over and over.

So I find myself spending hours and hours in the computer surfing for stories and people who are undergoing the same surreal yet sad experience. I ended up posting my travel stories in travel blogs, finding peace and sympathy with fellow travelers from the internet. Truly only a traveler can understand another traveler. I talk to my friends back home, but it gives me a sense that somewhere down the line when i share my stories, I sound gibberish to them.

My travel memories are slowly fading but I won’t let go, like a mist in the air, I try to capture them and preserve them in a memory jar.  The only thing that keeps me sane after travelling is by looking at my travel photos countless times ( it’s not an exaggeration if I say I’ve viewed them almost hundred times in less than a month!), of course with casual and once in a while talks with home friends and playing with my almost 2 years old niece, I am still surviving this dreaded disease.

So what did I do to battle this depression? I stumbled upon this blog that gave me a good insights in what to do to cure this travel-bug virus. Two of tips struck me so hard, so hard that I opted to apply it to myself

“Consider all factors of your life: career, relationships, lifestyle, and environment. Think about moving to another city”This might just be right on time! 🙂 It was as if the universe conspired and open a doorway for me to perform this. As for my career, relationship, lifestyle and environment, they are all in the works now.

More importantly, don’t let go of your new-found sense of adventure and the open mind that allowed you to try new things when travelling” – Well partially true, but it’s not a new-found sense of adventure for me, ever since I was young I always knew that I am a wanderer by nature and a curious person by blood. And so, starting today, I will now have a mindset that SOON I will travel again! Something to look forward and be excited about, a perfect cure for sadness is… excitement! 🙂

So off I go to the wild soon once more!

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