I’m marking Halong Bay as the most scenic place I ever visited in Vietnam. Thou I only toured the bay for 2days-1night, every moment spent there was truly majestic and breathtaking.

Scene of Halong Bay I took from the viewpoint
Boats and jetski on the bay
Indeed Halong Bay deserves to belong to the 7 Wonders of the World for having 3,000 or more limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes.
Awarded by Unesco as one of the World’s Heritage Site, Halong Bay will definitely bring you closer to nature as you feast your eyes to these islands that nature molded itself.
I won’t let the moment pass without having a photo in this surreal site

Aside from the rock formations and thousands of islands in Halong Bay, the caves in the bay are also worth visiting. I ended up going inside this cave called Hang Sung Sot.  This itinerary is part of the package we availed from ODC travel.

Hang Sung Sot Cave (view from the boat)
Hang Sung Sot Cave (before entering)
Hang Sung Sot Cave (inside)
Scene that will welcome you as you exit the cave
Get surrounded by islands of this beauty

Another amazing moment you can have in Halong Bay is a magnificent view of the sun set. It was my first time to see such sun set, the color varies as the sun disappears, it’s like a wave of colors changing from hue to hue… indeed one of the most magical event I ever experienced while travelling.

Halong Bay is definitely worth visiting! include this premier site when you get the chance to visit Vietnam

*meandmychucks photos were taken using Canon Powershot S95