After doing a 5-weeks solo backpacking trip, I observed and discovered so many things that changed and still changing me. Most of my time travelling was spent observing people including other travelers like me. As I go deeper and deeper to this journey, it molded me to pay keen attention to everything I see.

I’m posting this entry to verbalize how I feel and describe my experience meeting and getting to know travelers. Each is unique in his or her own ways. Each posses es a distinct characteristics that defines his or her experience with the world.  Each is gifted in his own style  of travelling but nonetheless  each and everyone deserves to be called a traveler….

The Escapist –” Travelling for him is a peek to the outside world”

Often than not this kind of traveler is that one that already knows when his trip will end the moment he starts it.  He’s travelling on a fixated date and ways. That kind that can already map his travel plan from alpha until omega the moment he buys those plane tickets.  More so this kind of traveler is focused on what to see rather than what to experience. Furthermore, his aim is to gather and listen to  stories that he can share to friends when he gets back home. He treats travelling as a temporary escape from the stress of “reality”. But he’s also the kind that dares not to get so deeply immense in the chant of travelling for he fears that his life will collapse if he doesn’t come back to “reality”. He looks for the comfort that travelling can offer after getting beaten by the human -invented-practice called “work”. He travels in pattern most of the time the usual that he have seen or heard from other escapist. His attachment to “reality” is so high that he has a clear-cut and   extreme definition between home and the outside world. This is also the “play safe” traveler, nothing wrong in being safe  I say. Most of the time you will see this traveler following the standard of the society and dare not deviate from it.

The Immerser  – ” He considers work a task he must obey in order to prepare himself for his ultimate purpose in life, to travel”

On the other hand, this  type of traveler is that one that knows when to start his trip but doesn’t know when to end it. He maps out his plan in the beta stage  stage and decides his omega as he move forward. Moreover, this is the kind of traveler that looks forward to the experience rather than the site. His expectation starts coming out the moment he sets foot on the destination. He treats travelling as a possible candidate for his new home. Unlike the escapist, this kind of traveler is less attached to “reality” and considers work a task he must obey in order to prepare himself  for his ultimate purpose in life, to travel”, travelling. This is the deviant kind of traveler, most likely to take risk and follows his curiosity rather than what the norm dictates. He wants to discover and experience things on his own and share something unique rather than what is already existing and common. He creates story rather than listen. He spend lot of time exchanging chats with the locals of the country not because he want to have a story to tell to his friends when he comes back home but he wants to learn and perhaps adapt it  as his daily way of living. He immerse himself in the locality almost going overboard on losing his entity and instead he just let himself drown in the abyss of travelling and the heck he cares if he don’t make it back.

The Unplugged – “He doesn’t have any conditions and considerations on when to travel because every hour every minute he is travelling”

This is the less-popular kind of traveler for he exist in his own defined world of travelling. He was born and bread travelling. The “reality” is so foreign to him almost not understanding it. This is the type of traveler that travels the moment he opens his eyes and stretch his bones. He belongs to the world and the world own him. He doesn’t follow any societal norm and does not succumb to the dictates of “reality”. His life is travelling and any practice outside travelling is not normal to him. He don’t subject himself to societal structure such as education, culture and practice. He’s the type that can have all the race and nationality he can have. He wakes up one day in Asia and the following days in Europe and this will be the forever condition of his life. He is unplugged because he is not sanctioned to anything that stops him from travelling. He finds work anywhere and everywhere he can travel. He doesn’t have any conditions and considerations on when to travel because every hour every minute he is travelling.  Not having any permanent address, the world is his home.

Does this kind of traveler exist?

Yes this kind of travelers exist, I met some of them myself, they don’t have notion of what school is and spent growing their ages at sea. No one to consider permanent friends for they keep on changing one country to another every time. A family of four; father, mother and two sons were born on the yatch. The other 13 yrs old the other 16, both haven’t been to any academy they aged in the yatch travelling from one country to the next. Their job is to man and master their “home”, the yatch . Been to countless countries via water ways and will still continue to do so…

Another family I got hold of the story, thou it was only the father I got a short glimpse of. He has a wife and a 1 yr old daughter. Mother gave birth to the child on the road. Their bicycle is their home. I met the father on his last day in Cambodia and will pedal his family on their way to China. Unreal? I say no, the child was born and bread a traveler, definitely belongs to the unplugged kind.

So which kind of traveler are you?