For us Filipinos when it comes to South East Asia travelling, our top most choices will either be one from the following; Singapore for  Universal Studio, a touristy and family-oriented destination, Thailand for that fashionable and budget shopping in Bangkok, and Malaysia to see that sky-high Petronas Tower. But let me show you that there is still more left to South East Asia than these popular countries.

How many of us will consider listing Vietnam as one of the South East Asian country to visit? Perhaps 1 out of 5, but let me show you why this humble country should make it to your travel list.

My Top Picks:

Top 1: HALONG BAY    


Top 2: HOI AN      


Top 3: NHA TRANG (read full story here) 

Top 4: MUI NE  


    Top 5: HO CHI MINH      



Top 6: HANOI

Other suggested place: Mekong Delta, Sapa