Nha Trang, considered the world’s 29th most beautiful bay was my third stop in Vietnam after Mui Ne. I booked a bus ticket from Sinh Tourist at $6. It’s a 5-hrs ride to get here from Mui Ne.

It’s a coastal city and capital of Khan Hoa province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam

It’s a relatively small town where locals as well as travelers and tourists enjoy the sand and waves that Nha Trang Beach offers. Bars and restaurants inhabit the shore line of the beach. Thou there’s a lot of beach-goer and site-seeing people that goes to this area everyday, the municipality of Nha Trang was able to maintain the cleanliness of this travel destination.

What To Do Here:

1. Spend some time at Nha Trang Beach

Take a swim, enjoy parasailing, do some water sports adventure or ride a jetski, just some of the things you      can do here.

Not to mention the beach is also a good spot to take picture of the sun rise, thou be sure to be at the beach front by 5am.

I suggest you stay in a hostel nearby the beach. You can find cheap, clean, fully-airconditioned, free wi-fi hostel for only $12/night. (See below to see where I stayed)

Be at the beach by 5am to witness the beauty of the sun as it rises
Boats occasionally pass by in the morning
Vietnamese selling their items are common sights in Nha Trang beach
Perfect spot to capture a good photo of the sun
The beach offers other activities such as parasailing, water sports, jetski and banana boat ride

2. Cliff Jumping at Ba Ho Waterfalls – for the more adventurous traveler, rent a taxi and take a 45-mins ride towards this isolated falls.

Ba Ho Falls – 45 mins away from Nha Trang Beach proper
Locals go here to enjoy swimming on a hot weather
Cliff Jumping! The locals will cheer you up if you feel like backing out… 🙂
Several small falls as you trek your way towards the cliff jumping spot

3. Visit Po Ngar Cham Towers – the towers will give you an insight of early Vietnamese spiritual belief, added attraction is the amazing view of Nha Trang from the top

4. Drop by Mai Loc Gallery -here you’ll see amazing photos from a truly inspiring Vietnamese photographer who used to be a cyclo driver (see full story here)

Mai Loc Gallery located at 97 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., Nha Trang
( infront of Lanterns Restaurant)
Inspired by his life story and amazed by his works, I bought myself an original Mai Loc creation. That’s him beside me, I’m a self-confessed admirer! 🙂

5. Indulge yourself to an authentic Vietnamese dish at Lanterns Restaurant – recommended by Lonely Planet for  serving superb authentic Vietnamese dish. I personally enjoyed  traditional Vietnamese chicken on lemon grass. Adding the fact that the restaurant supports advocacy for less fortunate/orphaned locals of Nha Trang. A truly must try food-destination in Nha Trang!

Chicken Claypot $6
Traditional Vietnamese Chicken on Lemon Grass $6
Front View of Lanterns Restaurant
72 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., Nha Trang

6. Chill at Sandals Bar and Restaurant – Sandals restaurant is located on the white sandy beaches of Nha Trang. You have a choice of indoor or verandah dining with a spectacular panoramic view of the South China Sea. What attracted me to try this place thou is the intimacy and sophistication on the ambiance. The prices of their food and meals are definitely non-backpacker-friendly, but I have to spoil myself a little to experience that seemingly so-comfortable  couch in the verandah. Me and the traveler I was with that time ended up ordering some fruit plates and bottled water. (waaay beyond our budget! but whatever! the couch is already smiling at us)

Sandals Verandah
The well-lighted pool with jar fountains accentuate the outer part of this restaurant making it very attractive.
The couch lane is really very enticing.
Friendly and service-oriented crew to serve you
Wooden-weave sleeping rack adds to the sophistication of the place
His Royal Highness Backpacker relaxing and enjoying the couch at the verandah
For a moment I forgot I was on a backpacking trip

7. Try a Cyclo-ride – tour the town proper by riding this traditional Vietnamese transportation. You’ll enjoy the view of the surrounding on a10-15 mins tour as the driver pedals you towards your stop. Bargain wisely with the driver and you can get a tour for only $2.5

My first cyclo ride
I tried to drive it myself… 🙂