Mui Ne, where the Sand Dune Haven of Vietnams lies. Take a look at the yet undiscovered ocean of sand in Vietnam.

Perhaps the most popular places in Vietnam will either be Ho Chi Minh in the South or Halong Bay in the North, but what’s not known to many is that somewhere in between these popular spots lies an ocean of sand that is truly unique in its own form.

Located 223km north of Saigon, Mui Ne will surprise you with amazing sand dunes that varies in color from red, yellow and white. Colors of sands changes depending on the season.

Sand Dunes in Vietnam!

This trip’s highlight is definitely the Red Sand Dune! I surely had a great time covering my entire body with sand in the Red Sand Dunes. Rolled over like a kid not minding the heat of the sun for it was almost past 3pm when we got there.

Diving into the Sand Dune

Give your self that adrenaline rush by riding the ATV while you feast your eyes in the beauty of the Red Sand Dune. ATV costs VND300,00 ($15) for a 30 mins ride (see below)

ATV Riding! Need for speed! 🙂
Small ATV: Rent Fee VND300,000/$15 for 30mins ride
A lake nearby the sand dune resides

Tours You Can Do in Muine

We availed the Sinh Tourist Tour Package “White Sand Dunes 1/2 Day Tour” for a cost of $5. Package includes 25 mins stop in Fishing Village, 1 hr 45 mins in the Red Sand Dunes and 45mins in the White Sand Dunes. Tour will last for about 3 1/2 hours including travel time. In our case we left Mui Ne proper to head to the Fishing Village around 2:30pm and arrived back in Sinh Tourist around 6:00pm, fortunately our hostel is just right infront of Sinh Tourist office so it wasn’t much of a hassle for me.

Along the shore line is the fishing village
A Vietnamese fisherman weaving his net for fishing. Was curious to take a peek on how he does it
Red Sand Dune (about 30 mins away from the fishing village)
White Sand Dune (you’ll pass by it while heading to the Red Sand Dune, but the tour took us to Red Sand Dune first then on our way back we took a 25 mins stop in the White Sand Dune

Other Things To Do in Mui Ne

Took a short walk in the shore of Mui Ne Beach
A fallen coconut tree in the middle of the shore
Waiting for boats to pass by

My Personal Take

According to the book Lonely Planet and some articles online, Mui Ne is known to be the beach destination of Vietnam. But relatively for me I was more attracted to the sand dunes there than the beach frontier. I’m not quiet sure if it’s just because of my high standards for beaches that I don’t find the coastline of Mui Ne attractive. Rang Beach (Mui Ne Beach) runs a shore of 16km where resorts and hotels line up like mushrooms. What I don’t like about it thou is that the resorts were situated almost right in the shore leaving no ample space for you to enjoy a walk by the beach or to play volleyball. Perhaps it was high-tide when I went there. You might also re-consider walking along the beach for it’s usual that you’ll see a lot of dead animals somewhere along the coast, perhaps this is due to residential houses just across the beach. I hope that in the future the local tourism board of Mui Ne will take a look into this and do something about it, because I think in general Mui Ne is still very promising and can serve as a tourist attraction for Vietnam

How to Ge There and How Much

With a modest estimate of 3 hours 50 minutes by bus you can get a ticket to Mui Ne from Saigon for $5 (regular bus) or $6-8 for a sleeper bus. Be cautious thou on which travel agency you would like to book your ticket from, scan and fraudulent tourism transaction in Ho Chi Minh can be very pertinent. I suggest take Sinh Tourist, the trustful and well-known agency all over Vietnam. You can easily spot their office in the busy backpacker area of Pham Ngu Lao. Here is Sinh Tourist’s exact address and contact details:

246 – 248 De Tham Str., Dist.1, HCMC
Tel:  +84.8.38389593
Fax: +84.8.38369322