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Losing a passport is probably one of the things anyone of us won’t want to experience, specially if you’re a traveler by heart or a normal person scheduled to travel, but alas it happened to me! Indeed, I consider this experience as one of the highlights of my year 2012, probably not a happy highlight but I try to find a positive side in this seemingly unfortunate event, and that is to share with you all the things i learned and information you should know in the event that you’ll find yourself in the same fate as I had.

But before you go along reading my blog, let me give you a top view of what to know in this short excerpt of mine

1. How many days it will take you to secure your new Philippine passport

2. The first things you should do in the event that you lost your Philippine Passport

3. Documents and Processes you will undergo when you lost your Philippine Passport

4. Fees and Expense you need to pay for such loss

5. Usable suggested links for more information

So ok, if you still find this blog interesting having mentioned the above items, let me then discuss further Item #1.

How many days it will take you to secure your new Philippine passport?

It will take you roughly 3 weeks to a month to secure a replacement for your lost passport. 15 days of which will be dedicated to the verification process of your Police Report and Affidavit of Loss (to be discussed below).  Passport processing can then be of two options: Regular Processing (15 working  days) or Express Processing (7 working days). I took the Express processing so that’s 15 days verification + 7 working days processing, so that’s about 21 days for me, but alas once again my application date fell in between the Holyweek period so additional 5 days waiting for me.

The first things you should do in the event that you lost your Philippine Passport

Two things, file an Affidavit of Loss and Police report immediately after losing your passport. You can get an Affidavit of Loss from any attorney-at-law nearest you, in here you will state how you lost your passport, when, where, and other circumstantial event in relation to the incident of losing it. Get 2 copies of this, I got mine for Php20o both. And make sure you have these 2 copies notarized. I was able to have mine notarized at Php50 each. Now, the Police Report, go to the police station covering the area where your passport was lost. I lost mine in Herrera street, Makati, therefore the covering police station is the Makati Police Station, apparently they have a head quarter near the van terminal where I get my ride going home. So i dropped by the next day to the police station to ask for a Police Report. This will cost you Php50. I had to pay mine thou in Makati Central Police Station in Yakal street, i looked for the cashier window, paid and took the receipt and went back to the station where I filed the police report. You will get this same day.

You might ask, do I need to file a Police Report even if mine wasn’t lost due to crime, like snatching, robbery, etc? what if i just lost it by accident or just misplaced it? the answer is YES, no matter how or what manner you lost your Philippine Passport you will still need to file a Police Report.

Department of Foreign Affairs official website for Lost Passport: www.

Documents and Processes you will undergo when you lost your Philippine Passport

Aside from the Notarized Affidavit of Loss (2 copies) and Police Report (2 copies) you also need to prepare the ff:

1. Original NSO Birth Certificate

2. Government ID (note: they are particular in this, they don’t accept Postal ID, and new Company ID). Better if you can bring your TIN, SSS, Alumni ID, or if you don’t have  this, they will ask for other old documents such as you Cert of Baptism, Old NBI clearance, old police clearance or even your college yearbook.

Make sure you have all these photocopied, aside from the hassle of leaving the line if you will do it in DFA the price is an instant highway robbery for you P3.00 per copy! imagine that!


Step 1: Secure an appointment first by logging in DFA’s  electronic appointment sytem:

Note: they strictly implement the “No appointment No Entry” Policy. so better set appointment first.

Step 2: Print your appointment schedule then come on time on the stated date. Don’t be frustrated thou, don’t expect much on this appointment, you will just submit your Affidavit of Loss and Police report on this stage (bring your other docu as well in case). They will stamp a date of return on your Affidavit of Loss copy. You then need to come back for the 2nd time in DFA to start your passport processing. and the come back for the third time for pick-up. See my actual sched:

(Day 1) March 15 – Submission of Affidavit of Loss and Police report *subject for 15 days verification

(Day 2) March 30 – Passport Processing. I opted for the express processing (7 working days, but since it will be Holy week i  have additional waiting days)

(Day 3) April 13 – Pick-up my Passport! Hurray!!!!

Note: you can choose to have your passport delivered. Just look for the 2GO booth inside DFA and pay for the delivery fee.

Fees and Expense you need to pay for such loss

So now let me share to you the expenses due to this event

Affidavit of Loss (2 copies ) P200

Notarized AOL (2 copies)     P100

Police Report                               P50

Passport Processing Fee       P950

Express Processing                 P250

Lost Passport Fee                    P200

Photo Copy expense              P30

TOTAL = Php 1,780

Exclusive: transpo expense going to DFA 3 times

Usable suggested links for more information

Hope this post help those who will encounter the same event, i realized there’s no much blog about it so it made me decide to blog about it.

Aja! for more traveling,